Chitwan Tour Guide

Chitwan Tour Guide

Chitwan Tour Guide offers tiny details about Chitwan National Park. Chitwan Tour guides works with local naturalist of Chitwan National park along with park officers to offer updated information about Chitwan National Park and activities operated related to it. We offer completely free and reliable information about Chitwan National Park to our visitors by the help of Chitwan Tour Guide.

Elephant Safari in Chitwan National Park

Elephant Safari in Chitwan National Park is one of the most sellable safari activities among guest in Chitwan. Elephant Safari shall be arranged by your hotel and Tour agencies established locally. Organizer will pick you up from Hotel by Jeep or Mini bus to drop you to riding point and make your journey of Safari. It last for 1 Hours to 1.5 Hours which can be done upon three shifts of time i.e.: two times in morning and one time in afternoon. Private Elephant Safari in Chitwan National Park is operated under United Elephant Cooperative which cost varies as per nationality from Rs 1100 per person to Rs 2500 per person for single time where one Elephant is sharing among 4 people.

Government Elephant Safari in Chitwan:

Government Elephant Safari is one of the worthy Safari in Chitwan National Park which will take you inside National Park. These Elephants are used for patrolling Chitwan National Park and if they are free than used for Safari too however its very tough to arrange now a days. It cost Rs 2500 for single ride on sharing basis. This Elephant Safari is totally different from the other safari which will be operated separate part of National Park. No guarantee can be given to arrange inside National Park Ride due to uncertain conditions. Chances of seeing wild animals is very high during inside National Park Elephant Ride.

Note: Kindly be informed that you need to purchase National Park permit on top of Elephant Safari which is mandatory and valid for 24 hours only.

What to Expect from Elephant Safari in Chtiwan ?

Elephant Safari in Chitwan is one of the best way to see One Horn Rhino, Leopard, Royal Bengal Tiger, Spotted Deer, Wild Bore, different species of reptiles and birds.

Tiger Tracking in Chitwan National Park – Chitwan Tour Guide

Tiger Tracking in Chitwan National Park is one of the famous packages among wildlife seekers.  Glimpses of Royal Bengal Tiger is not a easy task in Chitwna. As per latest census date, there are approx 140 big cats in Chitwan National Park which is the largest playground in Nepal. Best way to see tiger in Chitwna National Park is Jungle Walk and Jeep Drive inside park. Among these two options also, Reserve Jeep Safari is recommended for guest to see tiger however no guarantee can be given.

Compared to other program, Tiger Tracking is slightly cost program which need at-least 3-5 days. Professional Nature guide will follow the footstep of tiger and search tiger which is quite dangerous too on foot so Reserve Jeep Safari is always preferred means of transport.

How to get into Chitwan National Park

About Chitwan National Park – Chitwan Tour Guide 
Chitwan National Park is one of the famous area among Nepali rulers i.e.: Royal Family & Rana Family who are know as elite class people of Nepal. Chitwan National Park is situated in Mid South part of Terai Region. Nepali rulers used to give invitation for world rulers during colonial time. King George V, King Edward VIII, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Ratna Rajya Lakshmi Devi, Madan Shumsher, Karna Bikram where some of the renowned people who hunted in Chitwan before establishing National Park. It was established in 1973 and later on 1984 it was converted to UNESCO world heritage site.

It takes approx 5-6 hrs to reach from Kathmandu / Pokhara by Public transportation and around 4-5 Hours by private transport. Daily buses are available from both destination to Sauraha. And the closest airport to Sauraha is Bharatpur Airport which is approx 17 Km in distance.

Chitwan National Park Entry Fee

Here goes the details of Chitwan National Park Entry Fee as per different nationalities below. Chitwan National Park Entry Fee are valid for 24 hours only. This permit is required to do different safari activities in Chitwan National Park and even in Community forest.

S.No. National Park Name Nepali SAARC Foreigners Child discount Where to pay?
1 Chitwan National Park NRs. 100 per day per entry NRs. 750 per person per day NRs. 1,500 per person per day Below 10 yrs free At entry point


Note: Please be informed that there is extra 13 % VAT on top of above mention cost.

About Sauraha – Chitwan Tour Guide

Sauraha is similar name to Chitwan which is situated in the edge of Chitwan National Park. As per recent data of Regional Hotel Association Nepal, Chitwan, 80 % hotels are located in Sauraha and rests are on other part of Chitwan. Chitwan is the doorstep for your safari adventure in Chitwan National Park.

Chitwan National Park Safari Cost ? 

Chitwan National Park Safari Cost can only be determined by your request of safari activities. Chitwan National Park offers wide range of safari actives as per need of guest so it cant be said that it cost exactly this amount.  There are some combo package of safari activities made for guest in Chitwan which are 1 Night 2 Days Package , 2 Nights 3 Days Package & 3 Nights 4 Days Package.

These safari package offers different activities along with nature guide, meal and accommodation which make hassle free stay for guest. Beside these regular package there are some unique package guest can experience in Chitwan National Park.  Chitwan Bird Watching is one unique and customized package for bird lovers where Tiger Tracking Chitwan is another most sellable package among guest.



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