One of the most enduring EXPERIENCE !!

Elephant Back Safari

Elephant back safari—which is almost synonymous of CNP— is the most popular and adventurous way to encounter with the scores of wild animals including rare one-horned rhinos and too elusive Royal Bengal Tigers as well as hundreds of species of birds and number of reptiles. The experienced Mahouts take you deep into the forest to ensure more sights of animals at a closest possible distance to make your trips more enjoyable and meaningful.

Jeep Safari

Those visitors who do not want to ride the mighty tuskers can enjoy a jungle safari in CNP by hoodless jeeps. Through the open jeeps, visitors can catch glimpses of rare wild flora and fauna in their natural habitats. Jeep drive will also take you to ‘Gharial Crocodile Breeding Centre’ at Kasara of CNP’s headquarters, where you can observe breeding activities of Gharial, Marsh Magar and tortoises alike.

Visit Elephant Breeding Centre

Of the two elephant-breeding centers that exist in the world, one lies in the Chitwan National Park. In Nepal, the elephant is fast becoming one of the most endangered animals and the center was established to increase its numbers. You will have an opportunity to visit the breeding center. Learn about the efforts to increase the pachyderm population and get to see several cow elephants and their calves.

Jungle Walk and Bird Watching

If experiencing the wild plains of Nepal and bird watching interests you, we suggested that you take a Jungle walk with our naturalist. This walk provides you with the ideal situation of viewing the wild animals very close. Bird Watching is always best on foot. Our specialists will help you spot to identify the different varieties of birds, both local and migratory, that are found in Nepal.

Canoe Ride

A slow canoe ride on the gentle rivers of the lower Nepal plains is an experience that is surpassed in few countries of the world. At Jungle Safari Lodge, we put you in an authentic hard carved Nepali dugout. Not only is the Canoe Ride the best way to view the riverside scenery, the ride is best for the sighting of crocodile and other aquatic creatures.

Village Walk

The jungle Scenery, birds and animals alone do not make up the unique features of Chitwan National Park. The indigenous local people, the Tharus, are also of immense interest. A professional guide/expert naturalist will accompany you through the area and help you gather insights into the Tharu way of life.

Cultural Program

A cultural program performed by the Tharus will be another highlight of your visit to the Jungle Safari Lodge. The Tharus in colourful traditional costumes, unique in their disparity with the common mode of dress all over Nepal, are sure to captivate you.

Elephant Bathing

Another thrilling experience for you in Sauraha will be the bathing and swimming with Elephants in Rapti River. You can enjoy with playful elephants in the deep water of Rapti rivers where you can also have an opportunity for dipping and diving as per your wish.

Crocodile Breeding Center

Crocodile breeding center is one of the most enjoyable programs which is the part of Jeep Safari in Chitwan National Park. The endangered program is receiving the attention of Chitwan National Park. Along with the Crocodile you can enjoy viewing scary Mugger Crocodile.

It is located in the isolated place from the crowd which is in the time frame of 20-30 minutes. The charming view of Crocodile from egg to giant one will make your visit fruitful.

Ox cart or Pony Ride Chitwan

Ox Cart or Pony Ride ride is one of the best option to explore the tharu village in Sauraha, Chitwan. One Ox cart can accommodate 6 people once where the tour guide will be there explain about the indigenous Tharu community’s Culture & their lifestyle and other many things. Ox cart and Pony Ride is environment-friendly and always a funny way to explore the tharu village.

20 Thousand Lake Tour

20 Thousand Lake Chitwan which is known as 20 Hajar Tal is renowned for Bird Watching place and home of different species of birds along with migrant birds. 20 Thousand Lake is also famous for alternative Jeep Safari when inside National Park Jeep Safari is closed.

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