tropical monsoon climate with high humidity…

The best time to visit Chitwan National Park which has a tropical monsoon climate, with height humidity all through the year, and three main seasons.


Elephant back safari—which is almost synonymous of CNP— is the most popular and adventurous way to encounter with the scores of wild animals including rare one-horned rhinos and too elusive Royal Bengal Tigers as well as hundreds of species of birds and number of reptiles. The experienced Mahouts take you deep into the forest to ensure more sights of animals at a closest possible distance to make your trips more enjoyable and meaningful.

Towards the end of May the pre-monsoon storms set in. Dark clouds mass in the afternoons, with thunder and lightning and high winds. If rain falls, it comes in late afternoon showers lasting perhaps only fifteen to twenty minutes. As May changes into June the showers come with increasing frequency.

When the monsoon proper begins, around the middle of June, it is another story. From then until late September the moisture-laden south-easterly winds weeping up from the Bay of Bengal bring heavy rain, and of the annual total of some 80 inches, more than 80 per cent falls in these three months.

Precipitation is not normally continuous, and often, in any monsoon month, there are as many dry days as wet ones. During the monsoon humidity is extremely high.



Winter lasts from October to the end of February. The northerly winds are cool, coming down from the mountains, and this is the best time of the year to see the Great Himalayan Range, the air being particularly clear in November.

January is the coldest month, with temperatures falling almost to freezing-point, especially when it rains. From late November the relative humidity touches 100 percent in the mornings, and so there is dewfall during December and January nights and sometimes when you hear the drips pouring off the trees in the morning, it is often mistaken for rain. After an especially cold morning it is hard to believe that the temperature will rise to 20-25 Celsius in the afternoon.

Months Temperature in °C Min Temperature in °C Max Rainfall in cm
January 7 24 1.0
February 8 26 1
March 12 33 1.0
April 18 35 1.5
May 20 35 20.0
June 23 35 30.0
July 24 33 50.0
August 24 33 45.0
September 22 32 40.0
October 18 31 10.0
November 12 29 0.5
December 8 24 0.5


  1. Dress completely informal. Neutral colours recommended. (A full range of safari clothing is available in our Curio Shops).
  2. Windbreaker or warm jacket for winter
  3. Comfortable walking shoes.
  4. Swimming costume – you may need while bathing an Elephant
  5. Binoculars, camera and video camera.
  6. Sunhats and sunglasses.
  7. Sunscreen.


  1. Ponchos & Umbrellas for wet weather

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